Dancing with the Devil

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The CBC Institute should not legitimize Fox

Fox News has consistently attacked Black people, leaders, and cultural institutions. Despite this fact, the Congressional Black Caucus Institute is in negotiations with Fox to co-host presidential debates.

Should the CBC Institute partner with Fox, it would legitimize Fox as a fair and balanced news source, effectively disregarding Fox's clearly hostile stance towards Black political interests. It runs counter to the stated goals of the Institute as well as the CBC's commitment to advocate for racial equality and justice and its desire to be considered the "conscience of Congress."

You can help the CBC Institute do the right thing. Let them know that they should drop Fox now:

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Here is the letter that we will send to the director of the CBC Institute and board, unless you create your own. The letter will have your name on it.

Dear Dr. Petersen and board members,

I'm writing to urge you to drop your plans to partner with Fox News in hosting presidential debates. Fox is not a "fair and balanced" source of information or political debate, and it has repeatedly proven itself hostile to the interests of Black Americans. Fox has a documented history of airing inaccurate, slanted reporting and political smears; promoting deeply problematic framing around race issues; and launching baseless attacks on Black political leaders.

Granting Fox control over a Presidential debate would be a great disservice to any candidate of color, and more importantly, to all citizens who expect balanced, appropriate coverage of such events. To legitimize Fox as a fair source of American political debate runs counter to the interests of Black Americans, and to the CBC Institute's stated mission.


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