Local news segment with children who were barred from pool.

"Whites only" pool in 2009?

Condemn discrimination at the Valley Swim Club and ask the DOJ to investigate

Sixty-five children from a largely Black summer camp in Philadelphia were turned away from a swimming club in the suburbs because of their race. The camp had a contract to use the Valley Swim Club's pool for the summer. Once the club realized the kids were Black, it canceled their membership.

A "Whites only" pool in 2009 should not be tolerated. Please join us in publicly condemning the Valley Swim Club's discrimination, and calling on the Justice Department to investigate whether the club violated federal civil rights laws.

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To the staff and membership of the Valley Swim Club:

I was shocked and outraged to learn that the Valley Swim Club seems to be enforcing a "whites-only" policy at your pool. It is shameful that in 2009, anywhere in America, children have been turned away from a swimming pool because of their race.

I stand together with thousands of Americans across the country in condemning the Valley Swim Club's discrimination. We have also called on the Department of Justice to investigate whether the Valley Swim Club violated federal civil rights laws. Together, we are sending a strong message that this kind of discrimination has no place in our society.


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