Save Tookie Williams

Call on Gov. Schwarzenegger to Grant Williams Clemency

Stanley Tookie Williams has become a true asset to our community. As a co-founder of the Crips, Tookie created untold suffering and death. There is nothing romantic or glamorous about the kind of violence the Crips unleashed. But Williams has taken responsibility for the harm he's done. And since then, he has saved the lives of countless young Black males. He will continue to do the same—but only if he's allowed to live. It would be senseless for the State of California to kill a man who is working every day to stop the madness of gang violence.

Schwarzenegger is on the fence about what to do. Now is the time to let him know where we stand. Please join Jamie Foxx, the NAACP, and over 55,000 others in calling to Governor Schwarzenegger to grant clemency to Tookie Williams.

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Dear Governor Schwarzenegger:

Stanley Tookie Williams is an asset to our community and a force for positive change. Killing him would solve nothing. It would only serve to take away one of our most important voices for countering the spiral of gang violence amongst our most vulnerable youth.

We ask that you grant his request for clemency.


The undersigned members of