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All major advertisers have left Beck
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Our campaign has been a huge success so far. More than 285,000 of us have stood up and 81 companies have pulled their support.

As Beck's show decreases in value, FOX will do everything possible to reverse the trend.

It's time to thank those advertisers who dropped Beck and keep them from returning, while calling on more advertisers to pull back as well.

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Read the e-mail message that we originally sent to our members about this petition.

Here is the text of the message we'll deliver to advertisers on your behalf. You can also add a personal comment in the box provided to the left.

(for companies that have pulled their support)

To President/CEO & Board:

Thank you for pulling your support from the Glenn Beck Program. Beck's racially divisive rhetoric, and falsehoods peddled as truth, have no place on a network that positions itself as a source of news, and it pollutes our public discourse. Your refusal to allow your brand to be associated with Beck, and your support of honest public debate, are critical and appreciated.


[Your name]

(for companies with ads appearing on Beck)

To President/CEO & Board:

I want to alert you to the fact that Glenn Beck--whose show you sponsor on FOX--is using his platform to make outlandish accusations about the President and to advance baseless theories that prey on race-based fears.

He is claiming that President Obama is a "racist," that he has a "deep-seated hatred for white people," and that he is attempting to use our government to deliver "Obama-brand reparations." The claims are ludicrous, and the rhetoric is racially divisive and pollutes our public discourse.

I presume your company does not want to enable such rhetoric, nor have your products or services associated with the kind of views and tactics espoused by Beck. I urge you to immediately cease all advertising on the Glenn Beck Program on the FOX News Channel.


[Your name]