It's Time to Censure Bush

Bush lied. And now there's proof.

Video recently released by the Associated Press shows that the day before Hurricane Katrina hit, experts personally warned Bush about the coming disaster. He knew about the levees, and he knew about the Superdome. But he did nothing.

Four days later, Bush maintained that the storm caught everyone by surprise, going as far as saying, "I don't think anybody could have anticipated the breach of the levees." While Bush failed to act 1,300 people died, and thousands more have suffered unimaginable trauma and loss.

This is a dereliction of duty, compounded by a sloppy attempt to mislead the public.
It's time for Congress to censure the President.

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Dear [Senator/Representative],

I find it deeply disturbing that President Bush would maintain that Hurricane Katrina caught everyone by surprise -- especially his statement that no one could have anticipated the breach of the levees in New Orleans. The Associated Press video proves that isn't true. Top experts personally warned the president about this possibility before the storm hit. It's a dark day when the president proves more concerned with covering his political backside than with truth and personal responsibility.

The President's job is to keep us safe. His failure to protect the people of the Gulf Coast, and his subsequent attempt to cover that failure up, are a clear dereliction of duty.

It's unacceptable. Congress must send the American people and President Bush a message that it will not tolerate this behavior--that it will defend integrity and honesty in government. Congress must censure the President.


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