It's HUD's job to help house Katrina survivors,
not sue them.

Instead of helping displaced Katrina survivors return to their homes in New Orleans, HUD has repeatedly gone out of its way to keep them out.

After residents of the St. Bernard Housing Development returned home to clean up and reoccupy their apartments—units which have proven to be livable—HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development) responded with a lawsuit. HUD claims that residents are "damaging" the units and is not only asking a judge to throw the residents out, but is seeking monetary damages against them! It's unbelievable and shameful.

Help the residents who are standing up for their housing rights, today, by calling on HUD to drop its lawsuit and asking Congress to investigate HUD's plans to destroy public housing in New Orleans.

The petitions will be given to the lead attorney for the residents, to show public support for their case, and an email will be sent to your representatives in Congress and HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson.

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Read the e-mail message that we sent to our members about this petition.

Here is the letter that we will send to your representatives in Congress and to the Secretary of HUD, unless you create your own. The letter will have your name on it.

Dear <Representative/Senator name>,

On Martin Luther King Day, when residents of the St. Bernard housing development in New Orleans returned to clean up their units and begin the process of rebuilding their community, HUD responded with a lawsuit—asking a federal judge to kick them out and seeking monetary damages. It's shameful and runs completely counter to HUD's stated mission of "...increas[ing] access to affordable housing free from discrimination."

Eighteen months after Katrina, HUD's top priority in the Gulf should be to help survivors return home. Instead, it has delayed the process of cleaning up and rehabilitating public housing units, and finally it announced it will destroy them. More troubling, the justifications HUD has provided for their plan—such as the buildings being damaged beyond repair or it being cheaper to rebuild them—have all been proven false.

Instead of moving quickly to put preciously-needed housing stock into use, HUD plans to completely destroy the majority of New Orleans’ public housing. It will bulldoze 4,500 units in sound buildings that could be easily repaired with minimal investment, and over $100 million in Katrina grants and tax credits will be given to private developers to build new housing, only a small fraction of which will be for low-income residents. HUD has insisted on moving forward with its plans, despite widespread criticism and multiple reports indicating that rehabilitating the units would be more cost effective and deliver needed housing sooner.

We ask that HUD drop its lawsuit and that Congress order HUD to reopen public housing and provide residents with direct assistance to repair and rebuild. Those displaced by Katrina have a right to return, and HUD should be on the forefront of protecting that right, not actively undermining it.


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