Tell Fox: "Fire John Stossel"

John Stossel, a Fox News contributor and business anchor, said Thursday that a central piece of the Civil Rights Act should be repealed — the part that says businesses that serve the public can't discriminate on the basis of race.

GOP Senate candidate Rand Paul has made similar comments, but Stossel took things a step further and suggested we do away with legislation that ensures that segregation is outlawed in all areas of public life. Voters can opt against Rand Paul on Election Day, but Stossel's backwards and hateful ideas have the support of a supposed news network.

Please join us in holding Fox and News Corporation accountable, and demanding that they oust John Stossel.

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Here is the text of the petitions we'll present to Rupert Murdoch, head of News Corporation which owns Fox, unless you provide your own.

Dear Rupert Murdoch,

I am calling on you to fire Fox Business anchor and Fox News contributor John Stossel. His use of your platform to call for the repeal of key parts of the Civil Rights Act are an insult to Black America and to all Americans who understand the history of racism in this country and have fought for racial progress.

Stossel's remarks fit into a troubling pattern of Fox News personalities spreading misinformation about the state of race in America, and the history of racism in this country. And it follows repeated instances of personalities disparaging Black history, leaders and institutions.

Mr. Murdoch, it's time for you to take responsibility and show America that your media company has no place for the values Mr. Stossel espouses, and show definitive, tangible commitment to reining in the proliferation of ignorance and hate on your network.

Firing John Stossel would be an important first step.


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