A big opening for criminal justice reform

Thank Senator Jim Webb for his efforts

Politicians rarely speak honestly about the realities of our broken criminal justice system, for fear of appearing "soft on crime." But Senator Jim Webb from Virginia has just proposed a new law that will examine our criminal justice system from top to bottom and propose sweeping, systemic reforms.

Opportunities like this rarely appear--and Sen. Webb will need all the help he can get to ensure that reform actually happens. Please take a second to thank Jim Webb for his bold leadership and let him know that you'll stand with him in the fight for a fair, effective criminal justice system.

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Dear Senator Webb,

Thank you for your devotion to reforming America's broken criminal justice system and addressing the deep inequities that have come to define it. By introducing the National Criminal Justice Commission Act, you've helped spark an honest conversation about the serious problems plaguing the system, and created an opening for the kind of broad, sweeping reform that is so badly needed. I want to thank you for your courageous leadership on this issue. I pledge to stand with you in your continued work for a more just and effective approach towards stopping crime and keeping our communities safe.


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